Family Worship

How to have family worship

  • Gather together, turn off devices.

  • Pray -- and be sure to pray for our neighbors, for medical professionals, for those in authority, for all with positions of responsibility, and for the Lost!


  • Sing, or don't. Either way. If you want to sing or have some music, Youtube can help you.


  • Ask each person to share briefly one thing God is teaching them right now.


  • Read a passage of Scripture -- at least a whole paragraph if not more. After reading it, read 2  Timothy 3:16-17. Say, "This passage is inspired by God for our profit. Now, how does it teach us, reprove us, correct us, train us in righteousness, and equip us for the work of God?" Let each person respond.


  • Ask each person how specifically they will apply this passage of Scripture in the upcoming week. Pray for one another as this is shared.


  • Ask each person to name one person who is close to us, but far from God that we can share this truth with this week. Pray accordingly.


  • Consider collecting an offering and mailing it to your local church this week. Services being canceled doesn't mean important ministry expenses are canceled too. Adjourn